SPECTRA: Small, Smart & Safe.

This board-like vehicle is remarkably easy to get to grips with, bragging a 3D posture control system (3DStep), an algorithm based system enabling not only hands free skating, but also constantly adapts to one’s riding style to optimize flow. Simply shifting your weight forwards and Backwards changes speeds. This clever little board even stops when the rider jumps off for that extra security. Despite measuring in at 19.4 inches in length, Spectra reaches speeds of 15.5mph, and with the same battery type as a TESLA; boasts a 12.4miles from a single charge.

Other specs include: A carbon fiber & magnesium body with integrated lights for road safety, and an electromagnetic ABS braking module (MagBrake).

It’s obliterated its crowd-funding campaign on INDIEGOGO. Jump on Board..