ABS P.RIDE SYSTEM: Next Level Protection.

Within the snow sports world, ABS are well renowned for top level mountain safety equipment; their latest release stands testament to their reputation. Current studies show that 20% of airbags are not activated during avalanches, with human activation failure being identified as the main cause. This avalanche backpack  has an airbag that blows up and places the body in a particularly advantageous horizontal position to help protect the rider from injury and significantly increase the likelihood of remaining afloat on the avalanche. The ABS® P.RIDE  boasts a 30% greater effective area in comparison to traditional airbags. ABS® P.RIDE provides mutual wireless partner activation as standard, narrowing this significant activation gap: a potentially life-saving innovation. Built-in wireless connection with partners allows one to activate another group member’s airbag before an actual burial situation occurs.

TechnologyWill Messiha