DREAMSCREEN HD & 4K: Immersive, Dramatic & Atmospheric.

Backlighting is derived from content on the television screen. Watch your favourite movies, TV shows or video game stretch into the background creating a truly wonderful home theatre experience. With a processor that is three times faster than its predecessor, the new DreamScreen delivers a lot of new features and controls in the three modes: Video Mode, Music Mode and Ambient Mode. In Video Mode, DreamScreen analyses the content of the HDMI screen at up to 60fps and sends the corresponding information to the LEDs placed behind the TV. This expands the size and experience of watching television creating a much more immersive experience. This new product also comes with an easy, practical multi-dock where one connects all your inputs in one piece of kit.

Sitting at a respectable 418% of their crowdfunding target, this product could very soon become a household name and experience.