STORY is a levitating timepiece where a sphere orbits around a wooden base, counting the hours, minutes or even years. STORY by FLYTE, the company that brought you the levitating light bulb, implores the consumer to regard STORY as more than just a clock; as a unique way to conceive time. Customize the orbit via a mobile app or manually, with three different modes: Journey; where the sphere completes one full orbit effectively counting down to the set event, whether it’s one day or one year. Clock Mode: this represents a normal clock with the sphere being the hour hand. The third is Timer Mode: another orbital countdown but for much shorter intervals, for example 30minutes or an hour, perfect for meetings or cooking. Features that really bring the super stylish finish are that STORY works perfectly both horizontally on a desk, or Vertically on the wall, and the optional backlight displays that also add a further dimension to this metaphoric product. It displays different aspects of time, for instance, lunar cycles.