Kuroi Hana - ‘The Black Flower’ knife collection is the latest masterpiece from Edge of Belgravia, and they are beautiful!

Each blade consists of 67 layers of premium quality Japanese steel with the multiple layers of each blade being manually hand etched to form a stunning dark floral pattern, making each individual blade pattern unique.

Edge of Belgravia adeptly manipulate the multi-layered steel originating from Japanese samurai sword making, actually has an effortless contemporary design for both aesthetic beauty and absolute efficiency in the kitchen environment.

                            “Like driving to work in a Ferrari"                                                                                Ollie Dabbous – Michelin Star Chef

Edge of Belgravia believe the exquisitely balanced set is the key to unlocking inspiring cooking, a pleasure to use and behold, one can now be equipped to meet their culinary potential.

This well respected London based company have received great acclaim from their previous knife sets from design bloggers and magazines, it comes to no surprise then they have sliced through their crowdfunding target on Kickstarter with a very sharp offer of an $800 campaign discount.