ZUNION: Smart Multi Functional Air Purifier For Your Space

A modern hybrid air purifier that works hard to clean and sterilise your air to make your environment healthier.

We breathe on average 26000 times a day, breathing in not just oxygen, but also other pollutants not just from our outside environment. The modern metropolitan spends 90% of their time inside rooms, whether it is work, home or a bar, all of which can be polluted by such things as textiles, the exterior pollutants entering the space, by-products of cooking and the very materials the rooms are made of.

Zunion uses 2million dual plasma anions to purify the air, so just like plants and trees do. It filters out dust and is anti-allergy, making it also ideal for people with asthma or suffering from hay fever.

Zunion performed very well during a smoke test where we placed it in a box full of smoke and watched Zunion do its thing. Zunion has three settings, Turbo, Normal and Sleep. With the Turbo setting, the box was smokeless in no time.

This smart un-invasive little device automatically turns on Sleep mode 8 seconds after it goes dark, purifying your air round the clock yet not disturbing your nights rest.

A great little feature that personalizes Zunion is another one of its major features, the ability to wirelessly charge ones devices such as phone and tablets. Just simply rest the handheld on top and have Zunion recharge your necessities.

With a lengthy charge life take Zunion with you in the car, to work and back again to clean and sterilize your air wherever you go.

With their very successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, Zunion are well on the way to becoming a household name filling our lungs with the good stuff across our evermore increasingly heavily polluted cities. Acquire yours now for their campaign discounted price of just $49 before the campaign ends.