VEIU: The World's Smartest and Safest Doorbell.

The VEIU Doorbell allows one to keep an eye on the house from wherever you have an Internet connection.

This insightful device detects motion and notifies your phone giving you a direct live video feed to your front door. By use of the Eques app, you can watch visitors at your door through a 180-degree camera and chat with the people at your door through the two-way microphone, even when you’re not there, or can’t get to the door. Meaning you’ll never miss the deliveryman again!

The camera records in high quality 720P HD and uses Infrared night vision in the dark. Badass!

VEIU has a monitor that hooks to the back of your door acting as the peephole. The LCD touch screen means you don’t necessarily need to use the app, making setting up and navigating stored videos and photos a breeze.

VEIU can be set up to take a picture whenever motion is detected, this way you will always know who was at your door and will give you a picture to hand over to the police if something ever were to happen.

Receiving huge interest for their crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, VEIU will be available for $249 at retail, but Indiegogo backers will be able to save nearly $100 for a limited time only when bought through their campaign.