FRED: One-Touch Smart Home Mirror. Seamless Integration With Your Home.

The smart touchscreen, fully interactive mirror informs you with everything you need to for your day. With a tap, it displays the date as well as the time. It also gives you the local weather and refreshes with real-time updates. It can even access your preferred news channels so you can be informed before you even leave.

FREmirror 2.png

The built-in air purifier takes in air and releases clean, sterile, and deodorized fresh air. Upgrading your environment even more by filtering out pollutants, making your living space healthier.

This beautiful piece of innovative design pumps out your music, which is always at your fingertips with the proficient interface. The Fred Mirror is steam-free, so no matter how hot your shower is when singing along with the songs that are playing, the Fred Mirror gives you a crystal clear reflection.

DesignWill Messiha