SCORKL: The Ability To Breathe underwater.

Scorkl is a lightweight, refillable miniature snorkelling tank empowering one with the ability to breathe underwater for up to 10 minutes.

Effectively a miniature scuba tank, Scorkl gives one the ability to explore the sea in a completely new way. Subtracting the need for a full dive gear set-up Scorkl seems to fill a niche that would compliment most water sports,  recreational activities and emergency water situations.

This cool little device is refillable! Once out of the water, one simply and easily refills via the Scorkl high-pressure hand pump in around 12 minutes. Alternatively, A useful and convenient feature is that Scorkl is refillable from a scuba tank too. Sweet.

Dive deeper and for longer periods of time than your lungs allow you to truly immerse yourself in new life experiences.

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