Neuroon Open: The World's Smartest Sleep Mask

The world of crowdfunding is far too often criticised for having half-baked ideas, shoddy design, and products that are no more than a vision in the mind of the creator. For every few campaigns that fail to live up to their expectations, come flashes of pure genius, and products that truly amaze and inspire us. 

Today a campaign has launched that proves to do just that - a campaign with an awe-inspiring, beautifully smart product, that can truly influence people's lives in a positive way. Introducing Neuroon Open: the world's smartest sleep mask, which promises to change the way we sleep, dream and meditate. 

Using embedded biometric sensors, and real-time sleep analysis, Neuroon Open offers a range of solutions to help users sleep better and wake up fully energized - all in a comfortable, wearable mask.

Neuroon Open's goal is to give the user a tool to test their sleep needs and improve it using features such as: smart wakeups, meditation sessions, lights and lucid dreaming induction. All of these functions are navigated in the Neuroon App that is available for iOS and Android.

Neuroon Open will also introduce smart home integrations to help users control their bedroom conditions. Its research is open source – from firmware and design files to sleep-staging algorithms – free to access, study and improve.

So how does it work?

Neuroon Open uses built-in sensors that measure factors such as brain waves, pulse, temperature, oxygen saturation and movements. It monitors users’ sleep and suggests improvements based on personal needs, from vibrations and light that wake users gradually during the chosen phase of sleep, to bespoke smart meditation sessions tailored to fit your state of mind.

The multi-facited device can even improve the chance of lucid dreaming by deploying audio and visual stimulation as REM sleep phase begins. What’s more, with internet of things connectivity in the home, Neuroon Open optimises external conditions such as lights and room temperature to guarantee the perfect setting before, during and after your head hits the pillow.

This certainly isn't the company's first dive into the world of sleep mechanics, or even into crowdfunding - with their first product, Neuroon, raising over $400,000 on Kickstarter in 2013, consequentially shipping over 10,000 devices over the following four years, leading to their second iteration, the highly tuned and perfected Neuroon Open - already raising $100,000 in their first day, the device is available from just $99 on Kickstarter for the next month.