SLIDEN'JOY: Triple The Display for Triple the Power, Fun and Efficiency.

Ultra-thin, lightweight, portable and freestanding. One easily unfolds it, to double or even triple one visual display by adding one or two extra screens to your laptop that are wonderfully high definition displays. Like a magnet, one attaches it to the back of your laptop, enjoying a full panoramic display and the ability to share content through the 90° - 180°rotation.

While Sliden'joy works exactly like traditional monitors, but it differs with its freestanding ability, easy addition to the laptop and yet still remaining thin and light. Simple and sleek. Phwoar.

A variety of different brands and sizes can use this revolutionary system and Sliden’joy is powered and connected by a single USB port. Simply plug in the USB and the display will automatically launch.

An insightful yet obvious evolution to one’s personal and professional digital needs.