Ideal for urban dwellers, people who want to get their fingers greener, or people wanting to eat fresher organic produce. The Homefarm offers simplified cultivation through automation.

With it you can grow fresh leafy vegetables and herbs to eat all year round. It even comes with Seed-Pods to get you started. The Homefarm gives your greens the perfect environment to grow including a natural breeze and by managing the temperature and watering, your seeds get absolutely everything they need. The unit is also complete with a touch panel interface so you can truly set it and forget it.


Homefarm can be installed in a variety of places including on or below the counter, even stacking up to three easily. Once up and running, the Homefarm can harvest two portions of greens per day using just 20 liters of water a month,

The Homefarm product experience includes a dedicated app, which is central to the user experience; it connects your smart phone to the product and provides information on the herbs it can grow as well as ideas and recipes for their use. It also notifies you if and when your homefarm needs attention, such as topping up the water tank.