MU TAG by Informu: World's Smallest Loss Prevention Device.

The latest and greatest from informu Inc. is a flexible, wearable and fully customizable device. The Mu Tag uses Bluetooth to alert users to all three kinds of loss: misplaced, stolen and forgotten.

informu is not just a tool to find things, but a new way to organize your personal belongings. The mobile app will send notifications within seconds to smartphones or wearable devices to notify users when a certain Mu tag is not with you, whether the item has been misplaced, stolen or merely forgotten.

To prevent annoyance, the app manages all tags and doesn’t require any Bluetooth pairing. One can then configure ‘safe locations’ for each tag and this quaint little device won’t bother you in the comfort of your home, but will in about 3 seconds of you leaving a coffee shop. One can even change the alert range depending on location to really optimize the bespoke configuration.

A lovely feature is how the app leverages ones’ calendar data to inform you of any items you may need for an upcoming event. This really brings a personal feel to the entire interaction: and let’s be honest, it’s also super useful


By integrating Bluetooth tracking into an incredibly small modular design, informu have effectively created the smallest personal tracker in the world, 71 percent smaller than competitors with the same width. Simply attach the Mu Tag to the desired belonging and rest assured.


What really sets the Mu Tag apart is that informu have ingeniously not only figured out how to find the important things in your life once separated, but had the foresight to prevent the loss in the first place by tailoring the easy to use app and tiny un-invasive device to your life and rhythm.

With a very competitive campaign discount, their Traveler Pack is just $159. This includes 4 x Mu Tags and the Mu Hub which will charge all four tags in half an hour. Jump through to Indiegogo now to grab the most superior tracker on the market before the campaign ends.