SOBRO COFFEE TABLE: The Functional Focal Point for Any Home.

The Sobro Cooler Coffee Table is a modern, super functional piece of interactive furniture that comes fitted with an array of smart features. From water to beer, your drinks will always be chilled and at arms reach with the refrigerator drawer, whether it is game time or your next party. In addition, the Sobro Coffee Table has LED lighting on the underside to ensure the mood is perfectly set.

Via Bluetooth, this impressive table also connects directly to your TV, and equipped with in-built speakers, will play what you’re watching or what you want to listen to via any device. The touch control interface is a breeze and puts one in comfortable control. The controls connect to the TV, LED lights, and even the drawer temperature. Additionally, the Sobro Coffee Table comes with two USB ports as well as two stand outlets, so one can recharge any and all of your devices right in front of you. This sexy addition to ones' home also stays true to humble beginnings, below the tempered glass top, the Sobro Coffee Table has additional storage drawers to keep your space crisp and tidy.