TITAN NOTE: Revolutionize The Way You Take Notes.

This is a groundbreaking tool that will undoubtedly improve learning by revolutionizing how one takes notes.

Simply place Titan Note on the table during lectures, class or meetings and it will not only record everything, but also accurately convert it into text. Now, one can truly listen while Titan Note does the rest, perfect for both students and professionals.

Titan Note then summarizes the Audio notes into text for you to review in the app. Additionally, this incredibly smart device not only converts the audio to text, but can also distinguish who is speaking as well as translate and summarize your text. You can then use the app to share and edit your notes. All you have a do is press a button.

One would be happy with a device that accomplishes a task so adeptly, but it doesn’t stop there, in-built speakers can play back the summarized notes to you, or be just like any portable speaker. If that’s not enough, it can do this all whilst charging your handheld devices. Damn it’s good.