MARS BY CRAZYBABY: Technology That Feels Like Magic.

The latest release from Crazybaby, Mars is a speaker like no other and delivers a pure musical experience.

Equipped with an exceptionally sleek shell design, highly sophisticated levitation technology, and the latest audio technology, Mars delivers a perfect fusion between minimal aesthetic beauty and product performance quality.

Mars is modern minimalism at its best, just place the Mars Craft on top of the Mars Base and let it fly. Then hit play and immerse yourself in music. Simple.

Levitation is only the beginning; the device combines auto-levitation technology with wireless charging. When the battery is below 20%, The Craft will smoothly return to energizer then lift off again as soon as the battery is automatically recharged. Mars Craft & Base can operate 8 hours on each full charge.

The only aspect more impressive than the levitation is the audio quality. The dual driver double frequency package combines a separate Craft and Base design that provides a rich and crisp harmony.

A major and competitive feature is that the Craft works independently from the Base. It’s super portable and laughably easy to set-up. It fits in ones’ pocket or sticks on a bicycle with its powerful internal magnet. It is waterproof and because it’s made from aircraft grade aluminum, it’s tough enough for active use.