SMACIRCLE S1: The eBike That Fits In Your Backpack.

Smacircle S1, the world’s most compact and lightweight ebike. Weighing only just 7kg, the carbon fiber S1 can be folded in five simple steps into a small backpack and carried wherever and whenever. Making it ideal for those city commutes too far to walk, but too close to drive.

One can avoid crowded public transport; parking costs and glide past traffic with speeds of 12.4mph with the powerful in-built Samsung battery.

iOS and Android apps allow you to lock and unlock the S1, monitor battery usage, adjust the speed and change preferences. An integrated USB charger means your devices never run out of battery.

Unlike many other fold-up commuter bikes Smacircle’s unique, modern design is neat and compact. It takes up minimal space and the design is unisex suiting everyone.

Constructed with premium carbon fibre the frame is lightweight, yet strong enough to carry a weight of up to 100kg.
Its lightweight strength makes it ideal for taking on public transport, trams, planes, cars and buses at no extra cost.