AMBI CLIMATE 2: A.I. Enhanced Air Conditioning Comfort.

Technology that synchronises your environment to you and your loved ones. We all know what AC does, however thermal comfort is more than just temperature; it’s a culmination of factors such as humidity, weather, sunlight and metabolic rate.

The Ambi Climate 2 is a clever little device that takes control of your AC to tailor your immediate environment to you. It does this with Smart Sensors that measure these ‘other’ factors and an impressive A.I. Engine that quickly learns through the use of an App how you are feeling and your preferences. Then by combining that data with online weather data, it builds your bespoke unique profile and adjusts the AC accordingly for continuous personalised comfort.

Ambi Climate 2 works with almost any AC unit and by revolutionising the usage paradigm of air conditioners with constant online updates and output adjustments, it virtually eliminates over cooling and over heating, thus one can expect to save around 30% of AC energy consumption; lovely. 

Aesthetically a well-designed device that is small, sleek and un-invasive with a wooden base giving it a suited domestic feel.

Having smashed past their crowdfunding target on Kickstarter, the Ambi Climate 2 is going to be a welcome addition to any household with AC.

Grab yours now before their campaign ends for 20% off the retail price.