ATMOS 568 BY JAEGER - LE COULTRE: Designed By Marc Newson.

Australian designer Marc Newson reinterprets the Atmos clock by reworking its classical style while preserving all its essential features, allowing an icon of watchmaking to become an icon of style. Unveiling its secrets little by little, the Atmos 568 will intrigue the gaze of connoisseurs of beautiful objects.

In order for the light to shine directly on the Atmos without altering its colors, Marc Newson chose to use an "extra-clear" glass for the cabinet. Almost invisible, it offers remarkable transparency, which showcases the clock in an unprecedented manner. 

This clock simply begs to be discovered. Your curiosity is ignited by the transparency of the cabinet and you can get totally lost  in its mechanisms, discovering its lungs, a tightly sealed capsule containing a gaseous blend that expands when temperatures rise and contracts when lowered, thus constantly winding the watch movement. Just a change in a single degree move in temperature is enough to power it for two days! Need not to worry about changing batteries, ever.

DesignWill Messiha