AMABRUSH: The World's First Automatic Toothbrush.

The world’s first automatic toothbrush that brushes teeth fully and automatically in just 10 seconds!

Amabrush is way more efficient than the conventional brushing methods, the toothpaste foam is delivered through the mouthpiece itself directly to your teeth and then vibrates to oscillate the bristles and to clean teeth.

After, simply spit and rinse as the environmentally friendly device is made special anti-bacterial silicon that kills 99.09% of bacteria.  The design structure of the Amabrush means is works brilliantly with braces and dental prostheses too.

Recent findings show 90% of all dental and gum diseases are simply caused by incorrect tooth brushing, Amabrush promises to eliminate this problem and as your teeth are fully cleaned in just 10 seconds, people can save more than 100 days worth of time throughout their lives for more meaningful and enjoyable stuff; all with healthy pearly whites.