SPUDS APPAREL: The Pair Of Shorts For All Elements Of Life.

The only and last pair of shorts you'll ever need, with Gravi Pocket. For working out, going out, and everywhere in between.

“We wanted to create a pair of shorts that could be put on in the morning, wear on a run, to the gym, at the beach, and still turn heads at the bars. All of this, while including design and technology features that simplify your life.”

                                                                                            Paul Dickey. Founder.

The California based startup Spuds Apparel is bringing forth the idea that a piece of clothing can be made for all elements of an individuals’ life. Spuds™ is a culmination of next generation materials, technology, and thoughtful design, all with a sophisticated fit.

The Friiz material used in Spuds allow for a soft cool feel all while having the sophistication of your favourite cotton twill shorts, and innovative technologies like water resistant, odour resistance, breathability, and moisture wicking means that they require less maintenance or worry. Ideal.

That means less washes and less stuff, thus using less energy, time, and money; and all whilst looking and feeling great.

The integrated Gravi pocket system creates a hidden zippered pocket along your right hip that keeps your device close at hand and protected against hard training sessions.

Gone are the days of armbands, putting your phone on the ground, or worrying about it falling out of your pocket.


Spuds Apparel have created a subtly sophisticated product that is not only logical and impressively practical, but looks great. A true master of all environments, this item streamlines one’s wardrobe allowing to collect less of the stuff we incessantly buy that only last a couple of months before ending up in a bin or at the bottom of a drawer never to see the light of day again. Here though, we have a winner, a sound investment for the modern man. 

Best of all, you can grab your pairs now for a fraction of the price they will retail at with their strong Kickstarter offer, for a limited time only.