Waikite: The Most Luxurious, Hygienic and Practical Pillow In The World.

Waikite is the most luxurious, most hygienic and the most practical pillow ever created.

The Japanese expression for ‘This is living’ Waikite incorporates traditional premium Japanese craftsmanship within their first-rate design. It’s no wonder then this is the pillow used by several of the most highly regarded 5-star hotel and resort companies around the world.

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The meticulous craft in regards to the weave and stitching ensures protection for the 100% natural cotton fibre of the case and balls of the interior from being destroyed while maintaining superior quality. Using natural cotton means longer and more fibrous threads, factors allowing every pillow cover made from it to have incredibly high air circulation. It’s extremely breathable and keeps one comfortable and cool throughout the night.

Waikite have used LENBING Antibacterial Technology, meaning the fibres used in creation of this lavish pillow ensure that it is in actual fact anti-bacterial. Which let’s be honest, is a necessary evolution for pillows! Perfect for people with allergies, humid countries and polluted city life.

In addition to its antibacterial properties, when ones’ pillow gets dirty, one can just put Waikite Pillow into the washing machine directly. Simply stuff it in. No special care needed. After the wash, hang it up, due to the nature and breathability of the pillow, it dries super quickly yet still retains its original quality.

This is an asset to anyone who wants to upgrade their recuperation, the natural Cotton is not only the best for ones skin, it is odourless with no chemical smell and breathable throughout the night.

The firmness and the ability to self-adjust the pillow to suit ones preferences means no more (non self inflicted) headaches, neck and muscle pain and is a dream for any sleeping position.

Waikite teach us that insightful design doesn’t have to be the invention of something totally new, in this case, it’s taking something billions of people use every single day of their lives and perfecting it into its most evolved form.

Anti-bacterial, odourless, cooling, a meticulous design, exceptional materials with the highest Japanese standard of craftsmanship. Waikite is the 5-star experience anywhere, without the exaggerated price tag.