GAUSWHEEL SPIRIT STAGE 5: Personal Urban Transport.

The Gauswheel is nothing like anything before. You stand on it as you would on a skateboard, propelling it with a foot. However, it has only two wheels like a scooter, and has a singular handlebar with a brake, like a bicycle.

Made for cruising around the city, the Gauswheel features a reverse penny-farthing style wheel layout with a large 20inch wheel on the back (where you stand) and a smaller wheel towards the front. The body is entirely made out of transparent Polycarbonate.

The Gauswheel comes with a slightly steep learning curve, but it remains one of those vehicles that most bikers, rollerbladers, and skateboarders should conquer. The Gauswheel’s front wheel has a pivot that allows you to steer as well as slalom. Ride it like a skateboard, while also having the ability to use the handlebar on the front (that detaches from the base, making it handheld) to brake or even drift!

TechnologyWill Messiha