AUMI SMART NIGHT LIGHT: So Much More Than A Nightlight.

aumi image 06.jpg

Aumi is a smart rechargeable night light with an array of beautifully clever, well thought-out features.

It has precise light dimming at an effortless twist, totally portable and wonderfully functional. The plug prongs fold in simply so Aumi can be placed on any flat surface to perfectly accent any room and create the ideal setting.

Aumi has an 8 hour charge but the process can become even more efficient with the dedicated free app (available on iOS and Android) where one can utilize custom programmable smart timers and activate the motion detection capability. 

The Aumi app allows complete control over the brightness and colour of your light by allowing you to choose from an array of over 16 million different colour options. 

Traditional night lights are bulky, ugly and only offer one or two different features. Aumi have re-imagine what a night light should be. They have taken an existing product, and evolved it into something so much better.