BLIPS MACRO KIT: Ultra-Thin Smartphone Microscopy Lenses.

The unique set of mini-objectives for smartphones allowing you to see deep inside the micro-world

Compatible with all smartphones and tablets, these lenses provide you with detail not available to the naked eye.

Up to four mini-objectives on flexible film which cleanly stick on your smartphone or tablet; entrance doors to the microscopic world for everyone. So slim that you can keep BLIPS on your device, even in your pocket, without worrying to lose it.

Made up of Macro Plus and Macro lenses, this kit is the ideal solution for macro photography lovers!

The addition of two aluminum strips to the sides of the lens allows the Blips film to maintain its shape when applied.

In addition, the BLIPS come with a small carrying card that you can store right in your wallet.

BLIPS deliver high resolution and incredible detail. You can view the smallest parts of flowers, intense detail in eyes, insects and anything your imagination can think of.

TechnologyWill Messiha