QIVV: Wooden Wireless Smartphone Charger.

Easily charge your device whenever you need with the Qivv Wooden Wireless Smartphone Charger. This handmade device is compatible with any and all Qi smartphones and cases. All you have to do is plug in the Qivv Charger and set your device on top. The incredible technology inside will instantly initiate the charge. The Qivv Charger is highly power efficient. It only draws energy from the power source when your device is on top. When it’s not in use, it remains on standby to conserve energy. Best of all, the entire surface of the Qivv Charger is live. You don’t need to find the sweet spot in order to charge. Finally, completing the stunning design of the Qivv Charger is the exterior. You have your choice of solid wood or bamboo. Either one will enhance your space and complement your workspace.

TechnologyWill Messiha